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Korean BBQ for Dummies

What would you order from this menu? Seems confusing? YIIIIIIKKESSSSS. Well read on for some clarity. You’ve either heard of Korean BBQ and can’t wait to try or you have been going every Friday for the past 16 weeks, getting tired of the same old pork belly and now find yourself wondering: is this the […]

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Top 10 SUMMER Parties in Seoul ♥

SUMMA SUMMA SUMMA TIIIIMEEE ♪♫ Okay guys, the best time of the entire year has finally graced our presence and basically if you don’t like summer, we can’t be friends. (too aggressive?) PRO TIP: July, in Korea, is rainy season — so sometimes parties can get cancelled, even very suddenly!! However, do not fret my darlings, […]

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