10 KILLER Restaurants in Itaewon

In no particular order. Cheers darling. xo


10. Geolgune (걸구네)

Woah. Starting the list off right is a Korean restaurant?? In Itaewon?? Unheard of. This place has some of the crispiest and yummiest Gopchang (곱창) EVER. If you’re not down to eat cow intestines, fear not. They have consistently amazing pork belly and ribs. The spicy ribs are out of this world. Like, so so so amazing. The best part is, the staff cooks everything for you.  They’ve got three floors, so don’t worry if there’s a bit of a line.

9. Nekkid Wings (네키드윙)

I can’t stop eating their jerk wings. They are crazy good. And look at this platter like… hello? Made for IG. This gem is tucked away behind Linus BBQ down in the alleyways. A little hard to find, but totally worth your search. Also, the wings are HUGE. Not like the little two-bite wings everywhere else in Seoul. Great place to go with a big group of coworkers too. I always set up my office parties here. We come for the wings but the giant onion ring is always somehow the star though.


8. Kiki Chanting

One of the newer places on the list, don’t be afraid to try Seoul’s answer to Hong Kong fast food, unfortunately not on Hong Kong prices, but better than paying for a flight. The menu is authentic and concise. Don’t be afraid to be boring either, the classic roast pork was by far the best!! Look at that skin. BABYYYYY

7. Trench Town (트렌치타운)


Back to the jerk flavours… I want to be buried with the jerk ribs along with my headstone reading: “I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK.” Surprisingly wasn’t crazy about the jerk chicken, but the jerk ribs were deathy. & the corn too. Woot!!

The vibe is really cool here too like loving the Bob Marley music and the staff is super chill too, probably cause they have to listen to the same 10 songs all day, but the moral of the story is: they never complain about it.

6. Nori Table (노리 테이블)

Soooo not gonna lie this place is pretty expensive, but when you live in Seoul and are sick and tired of peasant-standard Hwe. You need the real thing. The real thing being, the spicy mayo. Nori table has got the goods. It’s the same owner as Coreanos and stuff too. If that makes a difference. The Seoul Bae roll is life.

5. The Fountain

Sundays = $1 Pasta

Mondays = $2 Pizza

Tuesdays = Ladies all you can drink free

Need I say more? Well, I will anyways: The place is definitely better known for its drinks and free arcade games (Sailor Moon arcade game from Japan? Say Whattttt!), but the food is actually super yuummmy. I love the pastas. The best thing is that each of your friends can get a different flavour so you can try all five.


4. Linus BBQ

Okay, I may have made my parents wait 2.5 hours for this one time when they were in Seoul only five days, but~~ Dad was so impressed… in the end. The owner lived in the American South for over 20 years and he slkdfjhas brought the goods with him!! Picnic style seating and the most glorious platters of brisket, pulled pork and my favourite thing in the whole world, bread. The spicy bbq sauce is better than the original imo. AND don’t sleep on the beans as your side, cause even that has pulled pork in it. Important side note: this restaurant also changed my mind about coleslaw, for the better.

3. Taco Amigo

dfdfsfThere was one week of my life, aka the first week I discovered Taco Amigo, that I took a taxi THREE separate times to Itaewon just to eat SOMETHING/ANYTHING from this place. Shout out to my Irish friend (of all people) Chris for showing me this place, cause it was sort of life changing. The menu is pretty long, but don’t go too crazy cause the portions are insanely huge. If you are craving tamales order them before even looking at the menu cause they can take forever. I have been here over ten times and never have had anything that didn’t melt in my mouth.

2. Pizza Revolution

Let’s be honest, we’re all going to Itaewon to party and what do you need at 2 am while waiting an hour for a taxi to actually pick you up? PIZZA (DUH)!! I’m in heaven cause it’s pizza by the slice and they have all the parm and spicy chili flakes right at your finger tips. Sure it’s $5.00 a slice but that’s chump change when you’ve had a couple bottles of soju already.


1. Canucks

What a typical Canadian #1 pick (even though it’s “not in order.”) Seoul has been needing poutine in its life like 10 years ago, but only recently did someone finally bring it. Mmm cheese + gravy on fries. Could it get any better? Well Canucks somehow did it, by adding bacon + maple syrup. Literally SO CANADIAN I could jump off my igloo. Please God support this place cause I do NOT wanna see it go. I need my bacon maple poutine available to me when Canada loses a hockey game and I need a pick me up.

& Look how cute their website is. http://canuckskorea.com/


Thanks for reading + happy eating.


A girl who loves to find the best nightlife each city has to offer.

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