Chicago>New York??? 😲😲


K, my best friend and I have been to NYC a combined 30+ times and we thought we found the greatest place on Earth, but one day she comes back from a trip with her family to Chicago and says this: “I liked Chicago more than New York tbh.” I was mortified… like, New York was our place and she broke it’s heart like that? Rude.

Fast forward like 4 years and this super famous k-pop group (NOT BTS) is having a show in Chicago and I can’t not go.. sooo here we be and I think I need to slap myself, because my best friend was kinda right (aka absolutely right.)


Toronto boys dress like kinda bad boys. Not in a bad way, like, it’s hot, we love it, but think skinny gray sweats with like that moto detailing across the knees. And think hair like that of a 15 year old “star.” If you need visual representation, I got you.


So most Toronto guys are on this kinda vibe, but literally all the Chicago boys were so preppy.Β  Think salmon polo sweaters and those god-awful khaki, knee-length shorts, that scream dad vibes, so I’m kinda into it? Anyways, they love Ralph Lauren so much that they even opened a Ralph Lauren restaurant. I’m not kidding… here’s the proof:



Someone said that it’s cause Chicago is considered to be in the mid-west and due to that fact the guys are all very preppy. I don’t know if that makes sense, but Bieber grew up near Toronto, so maybe that’s why all the guys here dress like him. #realizingthings


Living in Seoul for so long, I must say, that the river in Chicago far exceeds any other (sorry Han River!) I could have my tourist vision on, but it seemed so clean and blue. Unlike other rivers (sorry Han River!) that are more brown and murky.

I didn’t get a chance to take the river cruise cause it was so crazy hot the weekend I went, therefore, outdoorsy things were a bit of a no no.

IMG_2577Maybe that was why the Willis Tower had a 2 hour wait time for the elevator? Nah, people can’t all have a great mind like mine. Must have been a coincidence.

The most interesting fact is that everyone in Chicago thought it necessary to tell me how much they disliked president Trump. But I think the jokes on Chicagonians???? (omg is that a thing? I’m too lazy to check hehee~!!!), because the Trump tower is by far the nicest building along the river bank. #unpopularopinion #speakthetruth

ONE Mid-way Complaint


GIORDANO’S??? What was up with the hype of that place… I’m sorry but I had better deep dish in South Korea than in Chicago. People need to stop recommending that place. Like it’s not good. the crust in like not enjoyable to eat at all. It’s half raw on the inside and the outer part is almost too crunchy, if that’s even possible.

It’s only saving grace was giving me a few pictures to post later cause the cheese was extra pully. But then again, when we had our Bean picnic with it, EVERYONE was asking where we got the pizza.Β  Go figure.


The picture isn’t even that good lol. Such a waste. Random fact they had a memorial for xxxtentacion at this exact spot on this night. You really can’t imagine just how many kids out there have face tattoos until you go to an x event. Anyways, RIP.

Other than that, everything else I tried was fantastic. Some recommendations:

  1. Aba – Fulton Market
  2. Parlor Pizza Bar – the ice cream tacos are TO DIE for
  3. Anywhere in Fulton Market area tbh
  4. Gus’ Fried Chicken
  5. RPM Steak (get the Chicago blue cook!)
  6. Garret Popcorn Shop – Chicago popcorn mix!!
  7. La Bodega – amazing churros + tacos
  8. Bongo Room – brunch ❀


Je Ne C’est Quoi?

I didn’t have the longest time in Chicago, but the memories will last a lifetime. Everytime I made eye contact with someone on the street, the smiled. The architecture was the most interesting of any other city I’ve been to. And, most importantly, the food was just spectacular.

IMG_2663 (1)

I’m trying to think specifically why I preferred it to New York, but it’s really hard to come up with one precise reason, so I gave you three.

Let me know which of the two cities you prefer.

PS. When I was a little girl I would always beg my dad to take me to O’Hare airport in Chicago and he could never figure out why I randomly wanted to go there. Well one day, I confessed it! There was the world’s largest Beanie Baby store in that airport and I wanted to go to no other place in the whole wide world. My dream finally came true, but no beanie baby store.

Recommended Things to Do in Chicago:

  1. Willis Tower
  2. Architecture River Cruise
  3. The Bean – Millenium Park
  4. See the Chicago Theatre sign
  5. Fulton Market
  6. Millennium Mile
  7. Chicago Pier








A girl who loves to find the best nightlife each city has to offer.

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