Top 10 SUMMER Parties in Seoul ♥


Okay guys, the best time of the entire year has finally graced our presence and basically if you don’t like summer, we can’t be friends. (too aggressive?)

PRO TIP: July, in Korea, is rainy season — so sometimes parties can get cancelled, even very suddenly!! However, do not fret my darlings, this list gives you great indoor options to replace that rained out venue.


PROS: Upscale, better looking crowd with a very sophisticated feel + pool is gorgeous         CONS: Expensive, hard to meet people and a little far from Seoul’s core  


Kicking off the countdown is one of the sexiest pool parties the city has to offer. Rain or shine this place goes pretty much any Saturday and Friday night.

The Banyan Pool party is the party to see and be seen, so expect the HOTTEST people in town to be looking as fanxy as they can. This is definitely the most upscale pool party in Seoul, but it’s pretty chill because people are still trying to keep up appearances. Not the best or worst place to meet people, so try and go with your own group to be safe. If you’re more than four people, I would highly recommend a cabana! If you’re just going with one or two others then it’s not necessary, but always a PLUS.


Entrance fee on Saturdays is 50,000 won ($45 USD) for general admission and Fridays it’s 33,000 won ($30 USD).

There are 23 cabanas that average about 600,000 ($560 USD) for four people. Packages include Moet, hard liquor bottle and food (pizza, fruit, meats, etc. Call for more details).

Check them out on instagram for more details or call: 02-2250-8000


9. Hongdae Playground

PROS: Super duper cheap; Place to people watch and maybe meet a rapper or two?                  CONS: I don’t know if anyone can resuscitate this place; you can only go Fridays/Saturdays

Hongdae ♥ There’s just something in the air in Seoul’s trendiest university area. Behind the madness is a little park where residents have flocked to for years to have a little pre-game party.

Mostly famous amongst foreigners, cheap convenience store booze is the drink of choice here! Back in the day there used to be people that set up DJ booths and did rap battles or just played music for the crowd. Can I pay someone to start doing this again? Actually,  can the government pay someone to do this again? The energy at the park was soooo lit a few years ago, before they renovated it and removed the jungle gym. You’re probably going to want to party in Hongdae anyways, so just give it a try.


Be warned, however, that this is a public area so sometimes it attracts the cooked folk. There used to be a mystery Makkeolli man here too.. If someone knows what happened to him lmk.

Entrance fee is ZERO DOLLARS. Woo!


PROS: Potential celeb sighting, trendiest music and people; 2-for-1 club entrance fee                CONS: Music can be hit or miss, line ups are sometimes crazyy if you get there too late


There’s just something about a basement party in the summer. The red lighting + low ceilings make for cool IG posts too. The biggest draw is the fact that G-Dragon and Sooj Mooj have partied here. Of course the times I’ve been, only GD’s BFF was there, but honestly, even then I was a little starstruck.

Usually has a lot of underground music, but mostly hip hop or sketchy EDM, but in a good way. LOL that doesn’t make sense, but you feel me right?  The cool thing is that they expanded and made a second club that has almost an opposite feel with it’s white walls and blue lighting. Your entrance fee gets you in to both clubs – yay! + BONUS!!! Entrance fee also gets you a free drink too. Saucyyyy


Best thing is: this place is still cool to check out on weekdays & you’re more likely to see a celeb or two during the week too. B A M

Entrance Fee is 20,000 won ($19 USD). Doors open at 10:00ISH? Get there early on weekends to grab your wristband. Place is empty at 10:00 pm? No worries! Just head out to a pre-game spot of your choice and come back later! Now you can slide past all those losers waiting in line. .


PROS: Great place to meet people, free yacht ride around the Han River                                             CONS: Sometimes could do without the performances and getting food took too long


Alright, so this event happens about twice a year during the summer months. It’s cool because it’s run by foreigners, so you get a really good mix of people. This party is right along the Han river so you get a nice party backdrop. The venue keeps changing, but it is always guaranteed to be somewhere along the Han.


Most of the parties include unlimited food and drinks in the ticket price, which is always a hugeeee yes for me 🙂  They also have performances, some better than others, but it is a nice way to rest those legs from dancing too much and a good time to be shady with all your friends and judge the performer’s capueda talent.


Everyone is down to meet everyone since the party is run by a meetup group, so don’t be shy!!

yacht ride. It’s not guaranteed for everyone.

PRO TIP: Get there early enough to sign up for the free

Entrance fee depends party to party. Check out and their event calendar to find out more.

6. Miss Yoon (미쓰윤)

PROS: Really cool 5 story venue. Nice views of the stream and less crowded than most spots CONS: I might be a bit too ahead of the game here… aka not sure how many ppl will be here


I used to work down the street from this place in Gangnam and I was SO excited when it opened. There were palm trees…. in Seoul… on A ROOF??!! What was this magical place?? Well~ it’s a restaurant, bar, cafe, pool party, event space: all in one!!  The best part? The rooftop’s secret-door bar. It’s so cool. Try to find it!! 99% of people fail. I think I just started a new YouTube challenge.


The roof has a pool and DJ booth ready for the weekends. I would suggest going during the day on a Saturday before going out somewhere else for the night.


Entrance fee is unknown. I think you just have to order drinks or food at the bar. Lounge chairs and cabanas also available.

5. MUSIC FESTIVALS – flower crown ready ♥

PROS: CRAZY HUGE SELECTION OF FESTIVALS!!  Really safe & well organized                                CONS: Sometimes filled over capacity and sound systems were no bueno (at times)


Seoul is ADDICTED to music festivals. It has ULTRA KOREA, HEINEKEN 5TARDIUM, WORLD DJ FEST, WORLD CLUB DOME… The list really goes on and on. There are also tonnes of hip hop festivals, some even at water parks just outside the city!  Koreans go ALLLL OUT at festivals, let me tell you. You’re gonna have so much fun dancing with strangers, taking pictures with all the crazy costumes and going crazy to the sets of the world’s best DJs.


Literally pick a festival, any festival, and you’re going to have the time of your life!!! I also feel like I contradicted myself when I said above “really safe… but also filled over capacity.” Welcome to Korea. That makes sense here.

PRO TIP: I heard that the Seoul Jazz Festival is super good and the crowd has seen the likes of Zico jamming to some of the artists along with other famous Korean celebs as well. Winding next to Zico at some jazz festival in Seoul? Don’t mind if I do~~!


PROS: WATER GUNS!!! Usually packed with performances from different K-pop artists          CONS: Water-proof makeup required, some people get way too into it/aggressive



The first time I went to a water gun festival in Korea I did not wear waterproof mascara cause I thought it was gonna be an innocent, flirty water gun fight. Splish, splash.: WRONG. Two blondes show up and the guys started doing target practice on us quicker than you can say HA-JI-MAAA (stop it! – in Korean.) We got drenched five seconds in.

water gun

At this festival, the performances have included Korean rappers (LOCO, Gray, jay Park) along with some other big K pop stars (Hyolyn.) The music from the DJ was a good mix of hip hop and EDM. The venue is in the middle of a stadium and there are plenty of street food options, drinks and activities.

The best part is that you can pick your team and battle it out!!

PRO TIP: Never pick the red team!! Cause: “Red knight goin down… DOWN, DOWN DOWN!! Red knight goin down! DOWN, DOWN, DOWN”

water bomb

Tickets go for are 80,000 won ($75 USD) online only.  Happens in July.  You can find tickets in English on if you don’t speak any Korean.

3. Burning Sun (Melia Hotel Gangnam)

PROS: The new hot spot; Everyone is gorg; It’s owned by Seungri, so surprise appearance? CONS: Maybe a little too popular… expect long lines if you don’t have a table


Wow. Just WOW. After having a decently successful run with Apgujeong area’s Monkey Museum, Big Bang member Seungri has opened up the one and only club to take over the infamous Arena.  And guess why it’s even BETTER than Arena?? They even let foreigners through the front door~! Wow, what a progressive night club. Said no one ever, but I feel vindicated.

Underneath the brand new Le Meridien hotel in Gangnam, this club has TAKEN OVER!! Expect to see guys spending over $100,000 on champagne in one order!! It’s crazy fun. The club has two rooms, but only the EDM room has tables worth your while in my opinion.


Entrance Fee is 20,000 won ($19 USD). Tables start from 1,000,000 won ($940 USD). Open 10 pm – past 4 am.

2. Walkerhill Pool Party ♥

 PROS: EVERYTHING    ♥   #1 #1 #1 #1 #1 #1 #1                                                                                                   CONS: NONE


I shall let the videos speak for themselves.

Why is it at number 2 you ask? Cause I think lots of people aren’t super comfortable with pool parties, but get yourself some therapy and a plane ticket and get to the pool party OF YOUR LIFE. So good, I don’t even remember the second time I went. What can I say? So much bliss, I blacked right out. ;-D

Okay fiiiiiiine, there is one con that I refuse to highlight cause it’s avoidable if you read my blog. For some reason, there is no hard liquor served at this party unless you get bottle service. There is a bar, but they only sell like 20 or 30 dollar champagne glasses. But guess what hunny?? There is a thing called pre drink!!! Other than that little detail, it’s my favourite place in the whole wide world, even if I did almost get arrested there once. Ahhhh memories.


PRO TIP: If you can’t get a cabana BEWARE!! All of your stuff will be trampled on and drenched if you leave it on the edge of the pool. There are lockers to avoid this! Get one.

PRO PRO VVIP TIP: Just get a Cabana. Bite the bullet. Dare I say it? YODEL. (have fun figuring that one out)

1. Pute Deluxe x Corona Sunsets Rooftop Party

PROS: The place to meet models and celebs; the hottest variety of music; unique venue          CONS: Hard to get a cab to and from location; kids downstairs can ruin your vibe


THE place to party in Seoul is on the Floating Islands on the Han River. (Sounds pretty doesn’t it?) This party only happens 3-5 times a year and you DO NOT want to miss even one of them. The venue is super cool and there are multiple stages and sounds on the two top floors of this extraordinary building.


I don’t know what it is about this place that brings out the cool kids. Everyone is like a model or at least works in the entertainment industry or has some job that is way cooler than mine. Probably because the person who started it all is this French guy, who is constantly on popular Korean TV shows and a DJ on the side to boot. Friends helping friends? With the over 20 acts per event, it does seem that way. (& I volunteer to be part of the click)


Not your scene if you’re looking for mainstream. The music caters to its oh so chic crowd, but the drinks are well priced and people are still super friendly. I think it’s a good place to meet people and pretty chill in terms of lines and wait times. Don’t worry about getting there too early and don’t worry about buying tickets in advance. I like to go when the sun is about to go down, but so do most people, so getting there a bit before is probably best aka don’t make it busy when I wanna make my grand entrance. Enjoy the views, photo ops & dance the night away not under, but with, the stars.

Entrance fee is 25,000 won ($23 USD), which includes a free Corona.

From 2 pm – 12 am (ish?) (dates are subject to management)


Woah. When I was researching for this blog post I ran into the randomest pool party in the city. It’s new and my tickle has been fancied. Am I saying that wrong?

Hanam Starfield is this super fancy mall in this kinda random area (aka middle of no where) on the outskirts of Seoul, but it attracts so many shoppers because it’s sooooo LUXE and we as human beings all need that IG story to show that we can afford to shop here. The roof had a pool from forever and I always wondered: Which cooked indivual would get in a shopping mall swimming pool? And I guess the answer is: me.

Shoppers = lovers of pool parties. It’s science, look it up. Anyways it looks pretty litty to me… so search the geo tag on Instagram for Hanam Starfield and see if it tickles your fancy. (There we go!)


A girl who loves to find the best nightlife each city has to offer.

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