Where All Your Dreams Come True

Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

It was day break and every twist of the road was taking us farther and farther from the city. From the mountainside you could see the fisherman lugging their boats towards the water and from what we could gather, the beach belonged to none other than them. Behind us stood a tall, crisp white statue of an effigy of Buddha peeping its head over the trees only giving way to its full glory in a clearing or two.  It was a statue not quite like any I’ve ever seen as the Buddha-like figure was adorned with ladylike garb. The road onward was empty and our driver was as quiet as our surroundings.

We took in all that Monkey Mountain had to offer before approaching the gate to its secret bay. As we stepped out of our car we were so taken by its entryway. we headed straight for the balcony and the overflow of greetings going right over our heads.


The entry to Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort. 

We came back to reality once the mention of welcome drinks was overheard. The welcome drinks were pink and heavenly. It really is in the details.

Our flight to Da Nang was super early in the morning and the hotel was nothing more than completely accommodating of the fact. It was, hands down, the best service I have ever had in my life. We weren’t made to feel that our early arrival was at all an inconvenience and just felt a genuine warmth from everyone we interacted with. (And might I add, the placed just SMELLED of pure luxury, ugh.. loved it!)

The check-in process was smooth as butter and after one last look at the vision through the balcony, we tread down the road to meet the driver to take us to our room.

The resort is sprawling on so many different levels of land that in order to get anywhere you pretty much need to call the driver to take you around and at times you have no other option but to take the tram down to ocean level where the drivers can’t get to.

Our room was the most basic one you could get, but basic was the last word you would use to describe it. We had a beautiful view of the ocean and our bathroom was huge, just like I like it (in my dream house the master bedroom to make room for a master bathroom instead ^^) The best part was the bathtub (duh) and the Vietnamese hats on our beds gave the place a needed touch of playfulness.

I went straight for the bath and waited for the sun to peek back out before doing more exploring. We were given the option of taking a tour of the grounds, provided by the resort of course, which would take over one and a half hours, but decided to surprise ourselves along the way.

As I mentioned in my Da Nang Travel guide post two days ago, we weren’t super impressed with the beaches on the main strip in Da Nang, not because of anything it was lacking in terms of beauty or size, but the fact that we didn’t see any people on it. When we took the tram down to the beach, we were pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t the case at Sun Peninsula.  The sand was a bit darker in colour, but completely wrapped in mountain and lush forest. It was the most luxurious setting in which you felt privy to an untouched paradise.

The strip of beach came equipped with a cocktail bar and luscious lounge chairs that are just begging for you to curl up in them. Our first course of action: cocktails! And in the wise words of Betty & Wilma: CHARGEEEEE IT! (to the room hehe)

After thoroughly enjoying ourselves, and one outfit change later, the strangest thing happened. The weather turned extremely quickly and the water became a little too rough to safely swim in. As the waves increased in size, so did the amount of debris that collected on the shore with each crash. It looked like a tsunami had hit somewhere nearby, because it wasn’t the expected bits of trash or plastic that sadly line our oceans. What the sea was spewing out that day were piles of furniture, broken wood, tricycles even! The other guests and ourselves decided to return to our rooms after being assured by the staff that there was nothing to worry about. I don’t think this is a common occurrence by any means, but the staff were quick to deal with it.

Before coming to Da Nang, the area had been hit with heavy storms and severe rainfalls that even partially flooded the resort. The staff and us were convinced that the strange debris must be a result of those storms and we quickly went inside.

As the clouds rolled in and the wind picked up, we headed inside and braced for the worst. 

We headed to the Long Bar for some lunch to wait out the rain, which thankfully never came. We had a Bahn Mi sandwich and kept the cocktails rolling, opting for some of their house-designed “Monkey Mountain” classics, which paired extraordinarily with the tangy zip of the Vietnamese staple.

Not a bad place to wait for the sun to come up…


After lunch, we went one level up to the infinity pool that sits atop Long Bar. The beach was definitely less crowded than the pool, but we were able to comfortably find a set of lounge chairs to relax on. There were plenty of staff ready to take our orders as well. We liked the lively atmosphere of the pool, which definitely had a more family vibe.

We settled in just in time for sunset and it was unforgettable. Is there any other way to end a day in Da Nang?

Once we snapped as many Instagram shots as we could, we headed back up a few levels to our suite. The weather had cooled down enough that our beds were a warm idea.

We sunk into the sea of feathers and cotton and the beds were just as wonderful as everything else in this magical place, but the thing we couldn’t wait for was breakfast the next morning.

Breakfast is held in one of the resort’s five restaurants called Citron. The views are breathtaking as you munch of one of the largest buffet spreads I’ve ever laid eyes on. The most spectacular thing about the restaurant are its hanging tables that are just Instagram heaven. I have absolutely zero complaints, but we weren’t actually allowed to sit on one of the tables because we were a party of two and they were made to hold much more than that. They were kind enough, however, to let us take some pictures sitting at one though, so we could pretend like we did, but I would never lie to you. If you must dine here, however, the staff did say that they could be reserved for lunch of dinner service.

After breakfast we decided to take that tour we had meant to do the day before and had the perfect weather for it, once again! (Thank you Gods of Da Nang!) It was a short stay, but we had to move forward and on to Hoi An! A big thank you to all of the staff at this enchanting resort. Can’t wait to go back, and sincerely hope you all get the chance to experience all its wonder. xo



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